Renzo Verbeck, Principal

Laurence Verbeck, Principal
American Institute of Architects, Member
Education: B. Environmental Design, University of Colorado. 1990
Licensed Architect, State of Colorado

Laurence “Renzo” Verbeck received his Bachelors of Environmental design from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Inspired by the energy of the natural surroundings and the artistic, innovative essence of the Boulder community, Renzo made Colorado the home and foundation for his career as architect, designer and sculptor. 

His many projects have included single-family and multi-family residences and condominiums, and mixed-use developments. He has incorporated "green architecture" whenever possible and has completed a number of "off-the-grid" projects.  The experience of many years of hands on professional carpentry has developed a deep appreciation and working knowledge of innumerable genres within his field.

Renzo has developed a deep understanding and passion for contemporary art and design. Simple, clean lines, as well as innovative new materials, techniques and concepts inspire his progressive works.  A project designed by Renzo always includes the finishing touch of a true artist. From inventive, and artistically integrated detailing, to sculpture and furniture design, a complete piece of living art is thoughtfully rendered.
Renzo prioritizes the client-architect relationship. He commits himself to every detail of every project with the ultimate goal of maximizing the collective imagination of both designer and clients. 

The results are a lasting testament to that commitment.