Lindsay Sheafor Boulder - Interior Kitchen, North View

Lindsay Sheafor Boulder - Interior Kitchen, North View

Verbeck Design Studios

We represent you throughout your entire project. We listen to your goals and ideas, develop comprehensive strategies, and see the project to fruition.  

From budget analysis and helping in the selection of a contractor, to constant site visits during the construction phase, we shepherd your project to completion. 


We provide services and expertise in these areas:

  • Personalized, relationship oriented services, which can only be provided by a small firm such as ours.
  • Educate the client to fully understand the entire process, from concept to completion.
  • Comprehensive team development, which may include structural, mechanical and civil engineers, and myriad specialty designers.
  • Exploring and prioritizing the needs and uses of your project, current and future.
  • Feasibility studies and programming.
  • Cost management and budgeting.
  • Navigating governmental agencies.
  • Design and documentation.
  • Selection process of a contractor.
  • Construction administration services and supervision from the first nail to the last.